Lou Reed Limited Edition 2011 European Tour Poster

BE THE 1ST ONE ON YOUR BLOCK. DON'T BE SHY, COME FEAST YOUR EYE ON THIS MEMORY POSTER. Each poster is hand numbered out of 500. The first 50 posters sold will be signed by Lou Reed.


Interview with the Artist

What is your name?

Jeffrey Everett / El Jefe Design (I don't go by El Jefe or Jefe - the name of the company is El Jefe Design)

Can you tell us about the brief from
Sister Ray?

There really wasn't one. Lou Reed and his management enjoy my work. They originally saw my poster for The Gaslight Anthem and thought the themes and styles, also worked well for Lou. I think they appreciated what I could do and how I could interpret the music, so they let me run with it - see what I could do.

I submitted several sketches that got singled down to the three that they loved. I suggested doing one to completion, and if needed, doing another. I canít work half way. I start a sketch and then it is done. Too much of the work is done on the fly, reacting to the piece and you have to make room for trusting that it will look good in the end.

What is the story behind the imagery?

Reed's music was the inspiration. There wasnít one specific lyric or song. It had to do more with the whole story, his legacy, and the vibe about him. He has a truly dangerous aura around him but he crafts this absolutely stunning and beautiful music. That was the mixture I wanted - beauty, love, desire with the feeling it will all go wrong in an instant.

How long have you been making art?

The grandiose answer is since I was a kid drawing on the walls. The professional answer is I have been a designer for 15 years and really focused on concert art and illustration about 6 years ago after getting my MFA from The School of Visual Arts.

Can you explain the poster making process?

Initially, the ideas behind the posters start out as sketches in my book. They are truly roughs, a few lines to get the direction and composition so the client knows what is coming. I can then talk through the concept. From there I do a more detailed sketch and that is where the piece takes shape. Next, I scan the sketch into the computer and work on it; adding textures, the colors, including type. This is where it takes shape as a poster.

Working on the computer is essential now as I can make quick edits and revisions instead of starting from scratch. From there I work with Team 8 Press to screen print the final piece. The Lou Reed poster was a three color screen print on off white (French Paper Cement Green) and measures 19 x 25 inches.

How many posters were printed?

A limited edition run of 500 posters were printed and numbered.† The first 50 posters ordered will be personally signed by Lou Reed.


El Jefe Design

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