Begging for Lou Reed Live remaster (& expansion?), PLEASE!!!
  • Lou, Rock n Roll Animal is a masterpiece, in company with Live At Leeds and the best live albums ever made, however, I've actually probably listened to Lou Reed Live perhaps 10:1 (ten times more) than I have to R n R Animal over the years. I LOVE LOU REED LIVE!!! It is as good (or better) than it's sister album and that is praise of the highest order.

    Can ANYONE be persuaded to REMASTER LOU REED LIVE, perhaps even expand it?

    ALTERNATE (better?) IDEA: RELEASE THE ENTIRE ACADEMY OF MUSIC CONCERT ON ONE or TWO CDs (if necessary), and give it the full treatment, remastering, publicity, etc. IT WILL SELL!!! Obviously, it would be the crowning jewel of that entire era of live music, and is MORE THAN WORTHY!!! Vicious, Satellite of Love, Oh Jim > Sad Song, and Waiting For The Man are some of the BEST ROCK AND ROLL EVER CREATED, absolutely on fire! Hoping this can and WILL happen! Thanks, Lou, saw you at the Warfield (?) SF, Halloween 1984, RIGHTEOUS!!! Thanks.

    Hey, someone needs to start a petition to get Lou Reed Live remastered!!! THANIKS!!!
  • I have to second that request.
    And Lou, you should also remaster "Street Hassle" which is among your best works.
  • Lou, all of your works are great and worthy of remastering. Plus, it would be great to see you perform some in Chicago!!!! I hope my comments aren't annoying. It's just that it would be so great to see you perform here again. I realize your particular style is more appreciated in Europe and NYC, but you are loved all over the U.S.

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